It is time for one of the most interesting annual online creative challenges: The 100 Day Project – or #the100dayproject.

I must admit that when I saw the hints around Instagram that it was about to be that time again I felt a bunch of things all at once. My first gut reaction was to jump on board because oh-my-god the things we can achieve in 100 days, right? And soon after followed a flood of thoughts about why I should NOT participate, mainly: “I’ve rarely ever completed a daily challenge” and “what should I even do every day for 100 days?”.

Well, to hell with it, honestly. I’m not gonna let doubt ruin this party before it has even begun.

So beginning April 4th 2017 and a hundred forward I will be painting abstract watercolor pieces and sharing them on my Instagram @imapapernerd using the tag #100daysofabstractwatercolor.

I’ll be making 10 little watercolor books with 5 spreads each (not counting the cover and back) which gives me 10 individual pages per book. 10 books x 10 pages = 100 paintings.

I’ve written a bunch of prompts in Evernote to serve as inspiration. I will likely follow the prompts in order, possibly skipping ones that don’t resonate on the particular day it comes up, possibly adding new prompts in case I have something more pressing on my mind that I want to express on a particular day.

I’ll be using my Winsor & Newton watercolor sets (similar small set and similar large set) along with a Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pen size ‘S’ for writing the prompts. The PITT pens are waterproof so I won’t accidentally make a total mess. The brushes I use are my absolute fave size 20 synthetic round brush (similar linked) and one just like it in size 6 (similar linked).

Side note: Sorry I can’t link the exact watercolor sets and brushes I have. Mine were bought locally and I can’t find exact matches on Amazon.

My little books are made with Canson Montval cold-pressed watercolor paper. I just take one sheet of and cut it in 3 equally large rectangles, fold each rectangle down the middle and staple them together with my beloved long-reach stapler.

100 days is a long time and my poor track record for completing daily challenges kind of freak me out. But I’m doing it and I’ll get as far as I can. I believe the two keys to completing are 1) getting a running start by being really prepared and 2) not forcing yourself to do something that’s too hard, too time consuming and too not-you.

I’m so excited to start painting abstract watercolors today.

Please tell me if and what you’ll be doing creatively for the next 100 days, or any other thoughts you have about this project.

xo Nina

PS. Be sure to listen to Elise talk about her upcoming 100 Day Project over at the Elise Gets Crafty Podcast. It’s so good.

PPS. Good luck + have fun!