This week I’m working hard on catching up on my Project Life. I’m about 6 months behind and I should probably be worried but I’m not. I have a plan.

My main thing with Project Life this year is that I’ve set it up to be easily catch-up-able (yes, that’s a word). So as of this week I’m rummaging through my digital photo albums and getting everything ready for printing. That’s the worst of it, really.

If you know me you know that I can’t just proceed straight to the actual work. I need a printable to go with it. And I’m sharing it with you so that you too can start methodically catching up too.

Download the free Project Life Catch Up Checklist printable (A5 PDF)


It’s meant to be printed on A5 but you can resize it if that’s your jam.


Now print these suckers, put on ‘Eye Of The Tiger‘ and get scrappin’.

Good luck and have fun! (Fist emoji!)

xo Nina