Somehow we’re one third into 2015. I can’t even.

But I’ve decided that this year I will complete Project Life so week 18 is all about catching up.

My ‘Zero Bells and Whistles’ approach

Here’s how I’m gonna get caught up real fast, step by step:

  • Add photos to Collect app.
    • Don’t worry about editing photos.
    • Screw journaling.
  • Export photos to Dropbox


  • Print from my PC.
  • Put photos in pockets.
  • Go through text messages, Instagram updates and planners to uncover what we’ve been doing in the missing weeks.
  • Add those notes to the (free!) planner page printable.


  • Print basic Project Life cards.
  • Fill most of the remaining (non-photo) pockets with those basic cards.
  • Fill the rest of the pockets with decorative cards, like these.


  • Add journaling directly to basic cards.
  • … or add journaling to labels and adhere them to cards.
  • Embellish the tiniest little bit
    (gotta do it – even for the Zero Bells and Whistles method. I’m not a robot, you know).
  • Do a happy dance.

I hope you’ll join me in catching up. Every day I’ll update on my progress on Instagram. Just check out #letscatchuponPL.

See you on the other side!

xo Nina