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Who's that paper nerd?

I’m Nina and I’m an embarassingly nerdy & paper-loving mother (luckily my kids are too small to be embarrassed yet). I live in a small apartment with my big loves Ada, Anders and Steffen in Nyborg, Denmark.

I’m a self-employed graphic designer working away at the Paper Nerd shop. In my spare time I love cooking up a storm, painting my girl’s nails or making a mess in my studio. Note: My studio is actually it’s my entire apartment. Hah.

I always loved office supplies. Some of my best memories as a kid was playing school or office with my sister, making books and crosswords and finally finding my calling as a graphic designer years later in 2008. Before that I wanted to be an accountant ’cause I love systems and I and think math is fascinating – even though I’m not very good at either. These days I get my organizing fix from planners.

I later fell in love with scrapbooking after having my daughter Ada in September 2010. Since then it’s been a slippery slide into serious paper addiction and I’m not quitting any time soon!

Here’s why I do what I do and blog about it:

  • Because story telling, journaling and paper play can really add value to your life and be a catalyst for change when you need it.
  • Because living life with your eyes wide open, with gratitude and goals, and choosing your own path is the most important thing.
  • Because art is not just for artists. So let’s make some cool things.

xo Nina

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