On February 17th my little guy Anders turned two years old. Here’s a bit about him as of right now.

  • He loves going outside. When we tell him that we’re about to go out he’ll jump up and run out the front door – no shoes or coat or anything.
  • He drinks cold leftover coffee that he finds around the house and seems to really like it.
  • He loves watching television – at least for a few minutes and then he can’t sit still anymore. He especially likes Shaun the Sheep and Pocoyo.
  • He enthusiastically shouts “Yay, television!”, “More!” and “Bath!” a lot.
  • He enjoys a zip of warm milk before bedtime every night. It’s still part of our night time routine.
  • He is totally enamored with watching people play guitar so he got a ukulele for his birthday. He loves that thing! He calls it a ‘bitar’ (like ‘guitar’ but with a b).
  • He’s a total omnivore. He loves all kinds of foods, including pickled herring, green beans, capers and raw onion. Surprisingly he’s not into uncooked tomatoes and most types of cakes. He’s more a savory foods lover like his mom.
  • He rarely cries – when he does cry you know that there’s probably a good reason.
  • He loves Ada to bits. After being apart all day they will run and hug each other so hard.
  • He also loves his daycare and all his little friends, Marianne, Bølle, Vilfred, Melanie and Nora. He will get a distant look on his face and say all their names repeatedly when he misses them.

Happy birthday, sweet Anders. Being close to you is the absolute best. How lucky are we.

Love, mom.