Being | blessed with these two awesome kids who are blowing my mind daily. Anders just turned one year old. My heart is both melting and exploding.

Writing | my morning pages. But just like morning sickness, morning pages can happen at any time during the day. (Also, no I’m not expecting… just thought it was a fun comparison.) Morning pages really help me start my work day right.It’s like having a meeting or a pity party or an actual party with myself.

Listening | to the Stacking Bricks podcast by Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman – all the new episodes. It’s really funny and full of great, actually useful business lessons.

Sleeping | early almost every day. If I sit in a soft seat after 7 PM I will fall asleep.

Reading | Seth Godin’s excellent business blog again. I somehow stopped following along a while ago which is bonkers. That man is brilliant.

Planning | fun things, all the time. I’ve got a secret thing coming up this summer – something fun and travel-sized, if you know what I mean. Wink. Follow me on Instagram to get the scoop when it hits the Interwebs.

That’s what’s currently going on here in my chilly but sunny corner of Scandinavia. What are you into lately?

xo Nina