All kinds of things are growing around here.

Seriously. I’ve taken up yoga and indoor gardening lately. If you told me a year ago I’d be into that right now I would have lol’ed and told you to stop saying such absurd things. Nevertheless, here I am – a bit greener in the thumbs and a bit bendier in the knees. And so into it.

I’m also in a bit of a blogging slump so I thought I’d tell you a bit about what’s happening around here that may be of interest to a creative soul like yourself. Let’s jump right in!

Listening | to seagulls and scooters flashing by out on the harbor. Windows open all day since I can’t work outside.

Reading | (or re-reading rather) American Gods by Neil Gaiman before I dive into the tv series. The Audible version I’m linking here is fantastic.

Knitting | a blue Lush cardigan by Tin Can Knits.

Painting | 100 Days of Abstract Watercolor. I’m behind (who saw that coming? Haha) but I want to catch up.

Browsing | IKEAs website because I need a new soap dispenser but I want like all the things. What can I say, IKEA always comes through.

Eating | every sugary summer treat. Somehow summer time warrants a never-ending stream of lemonade. Halp, I can’t stop!

Enjoying | sunshine on my pasty legs.

Avoiding | dealing with the messy piles on the floor next to my desk.

Loving | the soothing voice and newbie friendliness of Yoga with Adriene.

Planning | a new Traveler’s Notebook class for Big Picture Classes this fall. Yay! 😄 Still very hush hush.

Thinking | about the richness of being open and non-judgemental.

Being | mindful. I’m running this ship. ✊

Thank you for stopping by. Now that I’ve broken the radio silence I’ll be returning shortly with exciting papery news. Hint hint: Get your planner out!

xo Nina