Currently | May 2016

Celebrating | my 31st Birthday which was on May 6th. Yay!

Watching | Girls. RuPaul’s Drag Race. Game of Thrones + After the Thrones. All brilliant stuff that really needs no further introduction.

Reading | The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. I’ve heard references to it too many times now to ignore it. I’m only a few pages in but I really enjoy both the story and the writing. Also, it’s free for Kindle. FREE.

Listening | to RuPaul’s podcast What’s The Tee. So much fun. Ru and Michelle have amazing chemistry.

Making | a ton of paintings. Especially quotes. I love using Winsor & Newton inks for lettering. It’s so good I get giddy just thinking about it.

Playing | lots of Carcassonne and Uno. I love that Ada is big enough to play more advanced games now.

Loving | the sunshine so so much. It’s taken forever to get warm in Denmark and I’m savoring it. Lots of bike rides and walks with the kids.

Coveting | this delicious dotted Moleskine notebook. I wanna try bullet journaling and this notebook would be awesome for that.

Planning | videos, classes and ways to take my little biz to the next level. I want to put my love and my energy where it matters: Helping you create more and have a blast while doing it.

Currently | May 2016

If you try walking in my shoes. You stumble in my footsteps.

Lyrics above by my all time fave band Depeche Mode. For no other reason than it was stuck in my head.

Hope you’re doing amazing and harnessing the sunlight for your creative endeavors.

xo Nina

Ps. If you’ve tried bullet journaling I wanna hear about your experiences with it, plus any tips you may have.