DIY Knitting Project Bag |

It’s time for a little meta-crafting. Crafting for your crafting, so to speak.

This week I’m showing you how to make this neat drawstring bag to store your knitting (or crocheting) project in. You could even make a small one and use it for your traveler’s notebook kit, traveling art journal, bento lunch bag, etc. You’re super creative so I know you can find a million uses for a roomy and sturdy bag like this.

Let’s get straight to the making.

Supplies mentioned and used

  • Two fabric rectangles in whatever size you want your bag to be. Mine are around 50 x 60 cm / 20 x 23 inches – so a little wider than tall. Preferably use a stiffer/heavier fabric like canvas so the bag can hold itself up more easily. This is handy for when knitting straight out of the bag. I used a discontinued fuchsia canvas fabric from IKEA I had in my stash.
  • Cotton cord, a little over four times the width of the bag.
  • Sewing machine, mine is from IKEA.
  • Pinking shears (similar on Amazon), mine are from IKEA.
  • Fabric chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Ruler
  • Matching thread
  • Wonder Clips or pins
  • Stitch holder (similar on Amazon) or safety pin
  • Regular scissors
  • Iron + ironing board

It seems like a lot of stuff but if you’re an equal-opportunity crafter (like yours truly) you probably have a bunch of these tools and things already.

DIY Knitting Project Bag |

I’m pretty stoked to have two of these project bags now, a small and a big one, to keep my knitting safe from the kids and from catching on keys and more when I take it with me in my purse.

I keep all the yarn needed for the project, the pattern and even a pen for noting my progress inside the bag. And I knit straight out of it like a boss.

DIY Knitting Project Bag |

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If you’re already a student on BPC the class is free! And if you’re not a student you can get a 30 day trial – also free.

I’ll leave you with a gratuitous shot of me in the Ada sweater pretending to drink coffee.


Keep being your beautiful self and make good.

xo Nina