If you’re one of those peeps who actually travel with your traveler’s notebook, here’s a tutorial for you. Or if you just like making and having neat things, this is also for you.

Let’s make a super easy non-die-cut-machine folder for our traveler’s notebook!


You’ll need

  • 12×12 sheet of patterned paper or cardstock
  • paper trimmer (or xacto knife and ruler)
  • scoring tool
  • adhesive
  • optional: scissors
  • optional: corner rounder


Step 1. Cut the paper down to 12 x 10.5 inches / 30,5 x 27 cm.


Step 2. Score down the center.

Step 3. Score down each side at 1.5 inches / 3,8 cm in from each side.

Step 4. Score along the bottom at 2.12 inches / 5,5 cm in from the bottom.

Step 5. Cut away sections of the sides and bottom as shown in the photo. Note: It doesn’t matter how far down you cut the side sections – it’s just a matter of preference and taste. You don’t even have to cut the sides down, if you don’t wanna.


Step 6. Turn paper over and fold the sides and bottom in, scoring with the scoring tool.

Step 7. Adhere the side flaps to the bottom flaps.


Optional step 8. Round the corners with a corner rounding punch.


Step 9. Slide it in your traveler’s notebook and enjoy!

So how cool is this, huh! Now you can bring your fave stickers, prints, sticky notes and lists with you everywhere you take your traveler’s notebook. And you didn’t even need to plug your die-cut machine in.


Hope you like it – and have fun making beautiful folders!

xo Nina

PS. My colorful folder is wrapped around my lovely Dailies journal. The berry sticky notes are by Kikki K. and the word cut out sheet is a free printable.

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