Essentials No. 1 Journal Cards | Nina is a paper nerd | Project Life #projectlife

Hey paper nerd!

I’m so psyched for Project Life in 2015. Seriously. Cannot. Wait. (But I will ’cause I’m honestly too busy these days and I need photo paper for my printer.)

To fill out the waiting time I’ve shopped a bunch of lovely digital designs and created a few myself. Then I realized: I need some neutrals! Something to contrast all the bright designs and calm my Project Life spreads down a bit.

Enter Essentials No. 1.

Essentials No. 1 Journal Cards | Nina is a paper nerd | Project Life #projectlife

I called the set Essentials No. 1 ’cause I have a feeling I’ll come up with more ideas for neutral, basic designs along the way. This is a great start, though!

I’ve already played with pairing them with other colorful designs and I’m practically giddy. :)

One of my main ideas for making Project Life work for me in 2015 is going hybrid – something I never ever thought I’d do. Somehow the thought of printing my own cards and – gasp! – even adding text and customizing cards seemed like way too much trouble.

As I explained to my boyfriend the other day, it’s like learning to set the clock on your microwave or car. It’s hella annoying going in, but then you do it and realize it wasn’t that bad. :)

Enough talk. I want you to try these printables. For free. They don’t require a lot of ink so they’re perfect for hybrid newbies to give a test run!

Free Essentials No. 1 Mini card set

Download your free printable mini set – contains four designs from the full Essentials No. 1 set.

Pick the paper size you’d like the print on:

I’d love to hear what you think about the files. Was it easy? Do you like the designs?

That’s it for me today. Thanks for your support and for stopping by.

xo Nina