How to print on both sides

Printing on both sides of the paper at home can be tricky and may take a few tries! I strongly urge you NOT to print the entire document as you’re experimenting as you may waste a lot of paper and ink. Instead, print the 4 first pages/spreads and see how they turn out.

Method 1: Printer automatically prints on both sides

Some at-home printers have an option to automatically print on both sides. It may not be super obvious so you may want to check out the print menu from your Adobe Acrobat (PDF document viewer – get it free) if you’re in doubt.

The menu will look something like this.

How to print on both sides

As always with printing it’s very important to print at actual size. Don’t ‘Fit to page’, ‘Shrink’ or anything else that of that sort.

If your printer can print on both sides automatically, you should be able to check that box in the menu.

Now, do you ‘Flip on long edge’ or ‘Flip on short edge’? This depends on the document you’re printing.

  • If the document in is Landscape (wider aka. the sheet is laying down) choose ‘Flip on short edge’.
  • If the document is in Portrait (taller aka. standing up like a regular letter) choose ‘Flip on long edge’.

If you got it wrong, the backside of the print will be upside down. This may take a few tries.

Method 2: Manually print on both sides

If your printer does not print on both sides, you can totally still do it manually. This can feel tricky but it’s very doable.

Most programs that print have the option to print odd or even pages only. This may seem like a weird feature but it comes in handy when printing on both sides!

Below you can see where I found the odd/even pages only function in Adobe Acrobat (PDF document reader – get it free), under ‘More Options’:

How to print on both sides

Now you simply do this:

  1. Print all odd pages.
  2. Feed the printed pages back into the printer.*
  3. Print all even pages.
  4. Enjoy your lovely prints!

* Feeding the papers back into the printer is the tricky bit. You wanna make sure they’re the right way up (so it doesn’t print on the same side again) AND the right direction (so it doesn’t print upside down). Some printers will even print out in a backwards order, so make sure you consider that too and sort the papers in the right order if needed!

It’s really hard to give any specific advice to how you feed the paper back into the printer the right way because every printer is different. You can try and calculate it but prepare for some trial and error. Like I mentioned up top, I suggest you print just a few pages until you get the hang of it.

Good luck!

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