How to print a selection of pages

In any software you use to print (typically Adobe Acrobat Reader – it’s free) there’s an option to choose which pages you want to print.

This may seem really basic to some but can cause a bit of trouble if you’re not taking this into consideration:

  • If you’re printing on both sides of the paper you need to make sure you’re printing the correct front and back sides together!
  • You cannot just print any selection of pages. The dates may become all jumbled up.

The pages in these printables are set up in a very specific order that ensures the dates will print chronologically.

When choosing a selection of pages to print, make sure you do this;

  • Always print from an odd numbered page to an even numbered page.
  • Fx. print pages 33-54. Or pages 1-20.

I hope this makes sense as it can be tricky to explain. Just stick to that one rule above and you’ll be fine. :)