Free Printable Planner for December | Pastel Day Planner by

Last week my entire family and myself caught a nasty bug and put my crafty work to a halt. Hence the slight delay on this printable I’ve made for you. Better late then never, right?

Download the December 2016 Pastel Day Planner Freebie

Please note that there are both Monday to Sunday and Sunday to Saturday versions included. The freebie also includes a lovely month overview – also with Monday/Sunday week start versions so you can use whichever you prefer.

Quick tips for printing

  • Always print at 100% size. This means no ‘fitting to page’ and no shrinking either. So make sure your print settings always say ‘Actual Size’ or ‘100%.
  • The planner must be printed on both sides of the paper to work properly. Some printers have that setting built in and with other printers you need to feed the paper through twice. Check my printing FAQ for detailed info.

Also, there may be a nice coupon code included in the files so you can get a sweet deal on your planner and other doo-dads for next year. ;)

Free Printable Planner for December | Pastel Day Planner by

Enjoy, friend!

xo Nina