Freebie Blog Post Planner Cards by

Good morning, gang!

We’re already in the middle of another busy work week and I’m laying a bit low on the blogging front. But that doesn’t mean you have to! :)

In fact, I want to share a free printable with you today that really helps me keep the blog post ideas fresh and flowing: My blog post planner cards!

I mentioned these in my Filofax Domino review last week ’cause I like to carry these planner cards around with me along with my daily planner. It’s one of my purse stables.

Freebie Blog Post Planner Cards by

Click on a photo to view a bigger version with all the lovely details.

The cards are divided into a number of fields for writing. You may not need to fill it all out but it does help make sure you’re blogging within your topics and talking to your main peeps. :) It’s just great for making sure you’ve considered all the possibilities and made the best blog post possible.

Freebie Blog Post Planner Cards by

Get your freebie right here in two sizes:

I print mine on solar white Neenah cardstock in letter size. I like them nice and thick so they don’t bend when I’m dragging them around in my purse. :D

Ps. I came up with the idea for blog post planner cards while working on the absolutely wonderful BUILD workshop by Amy Schubert of Lemon and Raspberry. If your blog is all over the place (like mine was) and you need some pro advice for making it fabulous and work for you and your goals, you should check it out. The first link is an affiliate link because I truly believe in this workshop and I immediately wanted to be an ambassador for it. It’s the best money I ever spent on my blog and my little online business, hands down. If you’re hesitant about signing up you should read Amy’s posts about blogging for some cool and free advice.

Enjoy and get blogging, friends!

xo Nina