Hey gang!

For the longest time I’ve wanted to share one of my favorite pens ever. (Just typing that feels like a BIG deal.)

Now, unless you’ve been living under a non-papercrafty rock you’ve probably heard of the Frixion pens by Pilot.


These beautiful gel pens are special because they’re erasable. See those rubber things on the end of each pen? They will actually erase the gel ink with friction, similar to when you use a regular pencil eraser.

Funny thing is, it’s not actually the friction itself that erases. It’s the heat caused by the friction. And that’s important to know ’cause this means that if you run your Frixion ink writing through a hot printer the ink will be removed. And I’m not sure about the archival qualities of the inks either since they aren’t meant to endure lots of heat. I’ll get more into the pros and cons of these pens in a minute.

First off, here’s a demo of the Frixion pens I have in my collection so far. Click the photo to view a bigger version.


The first ones I got were the Frixion Ball Clicker 07’s. And I immediately knew I had to get me a handful of colorful Frixion pens for color coding my planner. I later added the Ball Slim 038’s to my collection that I now use all the time as well as the highlighters that are a must for my business stuff. Accounting is just way more fun with some pretty color.

I found that using the Frixion pens really took away a lot of the blank-page-anxiety that I have. I’ve always been very neat with my writing and known to discard anything that’s been “ruined” with misspelling or wonky writing, even shopping lists and other not-so-important stuff. (I’ve got issues, I know.)

Being able to erase and correct makes me use my calendar/planner more ’cause I’m not afraid to put something in that may not happen. Know what I mean?

You may be thinking “Why not use a pencil and an eraser if those qualities are so important?”. First off, Frixion pens do not smudge like pencils do. I also love the crisp look of writing with a pen way more than the look of pencil. I also feel that I can write much smaller with a Frixion pen (especially the Slim ones) than I ever could with a pencil.

So let’s break down some good, not-so-good and plain weird stuff about these pens.

Facts about Frixion pens

  • They’re erasable! (Well, duh.)
  • Lovely color selection. They are a bit soft/muted, which I love!
  • …so if you’re looking for a ‘blackest black’ ink the black Frixion ink probably isn’t for you.
  • Cannot write on skin. Which is actually a ‘pro’ if you have kids. (Only the highlighters write on skin but they rub off when you touch it – no friction needed.)
  • The JetPens site actually say that the ink will reappear when exposed to cold ( below -10 degrees Celsius/14 Fahrenheit).
  • You can even get a Frixion multi-pen! And the refills for the Slim pens fit them. (Thank you, Jennifer from MyPurpleyLife, for the tip! Remember to watch Jennifer’s Frixion review on YouTube.)
  • Erasing does not leave any residue. I guess that’s because the ink is tured invisible rather than removed from the paper.

So let’s see how these pens perform at erasing.


The way they erase is very similar to how a pencil erases. They will leave an indentation in the paper from the initial scribbling (just like pencil does) but they will generally not leave any color/ink behind. I have experienced that the red inks may leave a bit of a stain though. But it’s not consistently staining and may have something to do with the paper, how you’ve erased them or something, I dunno.

Overall, this is a definite recommend from me! They’re with me all the time and an irreplaceable part of my note-taking, sketching, planning and life documenting routine.

Time for a giveaway!

I’m excited to give one of you guys a $25 gift card to JetPens.com, my favorite place for pen shopping! They also have notebooks, pencil cases and much more, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

All you have to do to win is tell me which type of Frixion pen you like best. Put it in the comments and add your ticket to the raffle widget. :)

Anyone can participate regardless of country. The winner will be drawn on Monday ’cause I love making someone’s Monday a bit more awesome.

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Good luck!

xo Nina

Note: This blog post is not sponsored. I purchased all the pens myself and have tried them over a period of time. I’m not being paid to review them either. This is all my own idea and my own opinion. :)