Yo! The end of the year means a lot of new and exciting planners are coming out. It also means that the planner I chose at the beginning of this year may not exactly be fulfilling my planner needs anymore.

Life changes and so does my planner needs.

Enter the Happy Dot Day Planner. I created this simple day to day planner because I’m all about a fresh start every day at the moment.

As baby Anders is getting more mobile and needing me in a different way I’m having trouble getting things done. Just keeping it real. This means I need to change my plans a lot. I need to push things to new dates all the frigging time and what’s better for that than a fresh new page every day?

I love that I literally get to turn a leaf every day and not have to look at all the stuff I didn’t manage to get done yesterday.

I also love the dot grid. It adds structure in a light way.

The Happy Dot Day Planner features just a few to dos every day – so you’re not overbooking yourself. However, there’s plenty of room for more writing on the page. You can journal, plan meals, take notes, doodle and more.

I love using my Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens in this planner since they’re nice and skinny, super juicy and come in gorgeous colors. They also don’t bleed through my 100 gram printer paper. Score.

Let’s take a look at the daily view in the Happy Dot planner.


And the monthly view.


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Tip: Here’s how to print on both sides.

Note: How embarassing! I had included October + November in the A4 printables. That’s all wrong. Now I’ve put November + December in there instead. Sorry for any trouble! xo Nina

I also wanna get into how to assemble your spiral bound planner. Here’s how I made mine.


How to assemble your spiral bound planner

You’ll need:


  1. Print your inside pages. Remember to print on both sides!
  2. There are two pages on each sheet of paper, so cut the paper in half after printing.
  3. Make a front cover from a cute print or some lovely scrapbook paper. I used a smaller version of my Triangles print.
  4. Make a back cover from cardboard – or from cute paper if you don’t mind the planner being more bendy.
  5. Make divider pages from colored cardstock.
  6. Punch holes in all your pages: Front cover, back cover, inside pages and dividers. I simply punched six holes at the top and six holes at the bottom left hand side.
  7. Put your pages in order:
    • Front cover
    • Divider page
    • November monthly pages
    • November daily pages
    • Divider page
    • December monthly pages
    • December daily pages
    • Back cover
  8. Move the back cover all the way around to the front. This way the links in the O-wire will be hidden in the back of your planner and you’ll have a nice, clean spiral on the outside. Trust me, you’ll see in a moment.
  9. Add your O-wire to your page stack and cinch it closed with your binder tool.
  10. Fold the back cover back in place and enjoy your new beautifully bound planner.
  11. Punch tabs and glue them to the divider pages to mark the beginning of every month.
  12. Now enjoy your Happy Dot planner even more!

Remember, you could also just print these, punch holes and put them in your A5 sized Filofax (or similar) ring-bound planner.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think about the Happy Dot Day Planner.

And yes, I will be adding a full 2016 Happy Dot Day Planner to the shop soon. :)

xo Nina