Happy New Year from the Andersen/Christensens!

Hey paper nerd, happy new year!

I hope you made it safely into 2015 and that you’ve had a lovely holiday break. For me and my lil’ gang we’re still on break and I’m honestly excited to start our daily routines again. Getting back to the hustle!

2015 is gonna be amazing. It’s gonna be a ton of work with the new baby coming in February (please stay in there until February!) and my itty bitty blog & business for which I have a ton of plans. It’s a good kind of work – the best kind of busy. So excited to get started!

I love how every new year gives me an overwhelming feeling of can do! 2015 is for being ambitious and being the best we can be. Let’s make it a good one, friend. <3

I have a little something for you to start the year off with – especially for Project Life but also just cute for printing and hanging or sticking in your planner.

Paper Nerd | Free Printable for Project Life | Twenty Fifteen Cards

Free printable Twenty Fifteen cards

These babies are brush-scripted by hand by yours truly and you can download ’em right here.

There are ten cards in the set, both 3×4 and 4×6 in a lovely beet color scheme. Enjoy! :)

If you’re in the market for more Paper Nerd Pocket cards I’ve got a selection in my shop. I’m especially crazy about the Essentials No. 1 cards.

Thanks for stopping by, dear friend.

xo Nina