Hey gang.

Brace yourselves, today I’m gonna talk about my 30 #ittybittygoals before I’m 30 – goals 11 through 20.

I will also be sharing a lovely Filofax printable freebie that allows your to track your own goals. Yay! That’s all at the bottom, so feel free to scroll past the babble. :)

And those of you curious as to why I’ve chosen these particular goals and how I plan to reach them, keep reading!

11. Attend 5 concerts

When I wrote this down I was hoping to attend a festival and knock this out in one weekend. Yeah, it’s kind of cheating, but I like checking off goals, okay? Anyways, I ended up not going to that festival so now I have to find some individual shows. I already went to two kids koncerts with Ada. And that counts!

12. Take 12 family portraits

I just want more shots of the three of us, really. I figured 12 would average to once a month – should be doable.

13. Make a system to organize emails

I had this whole plan for my inbox that I’ve totally forgotten but I really really want to sort out my Outlook. Everything is piling up, it’s ridiculous.

14. Learn to make Vietnamese pho bo soup

It’s my fav ‘just add boiling water’ instant soup. I’d love to be able to make it myself from scratch though so it’s healthier (and so there’s more of it)!

15. Create and release an online paper crafting class

I’ve been working on this for some time. No, that’s a lie. I’ve been procrastinating over this for some time. I need to finish this class ’cause it’s gonna be pretty cool. More details to come – hopefully soonish. ;)

16. Do something way out of my comfort zone

Already completed this when I stood up in front of my entire extended family and instructed them in some party games at a family get-together. I have a HUGE family and a bunch of them are strangers to me so I think I did pretty good, me and my introverted self.

17. Get a tattoo

Please don’t read this, mom. Hah. I’ve been contemplating a tattoo for quite a while. The past two years have been big for me in terms of growing up and becoming more independent. I want to celebrate it and I always loved tattoos. Being a graphic designer and visual person I could never settle for any one motif, though. It’s so hard and I find myself loving whatever tattoos are trendy (swallows on the back of your neck, anyone?) which just seems like a bad move. I’m so back and forth on this but I hope to decide on something before I’m 30.

18. Fill a Moleskine sketchbook with art journaling

This will happen. I like easy goals and this will be an absolute joy to do!

19. Start selling posters

Something’s cooking. Stay tuned! ;)

20. Sign up for choir and/or gymnastics with Ada

This girl lives to sing, dance and act. So I’m actually leaning towards putting her in a drama/theater class where she can do all those things AND get to dress up.

Tracking goals in your Filofax – printable freebie!


I’ve created a no-frills printable for you so you can track your goals right there in your planner. There’s power in writing goals down (and there’s power in cute printables too, am I right?).

Download the goals list

Pocket Size Filofax* A4 PDF | Letter (8.5×11) PDF

Personal Size Filofax A4 PDF | Letter (8.5×11) PDF

A5 Size Filofax A4 PDF | Letter (8.5×11) PDF

* Pocket size goal lists have room for just 7 goals per page. The other sizes have room for 10 goals per page.

Instructions: Download A4 or Letter size PDFs depending on what size paper you’ll be printing on. Just open the PDF and press print. Make sure the document is NOT set to scale down. It must print at 100% size to fit perfectly in your Filofax. All printables contain a front and a back page, in case you want to print on both sides. If you don’t want to print on both sides, print only page 1.

Enjoy! :D

Thanks for sticking with me through this long post. :) The last part will be up on next Friday.