Messy Lists 2016 |

WHY. Why are daily challenges so hard for me? Do you feel that way too?

They’re called challenges for a reason, yet I always go into them feeling like I got this. I mean, how hard can it be?

Fast forward ten days and you’ll find me hiding somewhere trying not to think about that thing I should be doing and probably/maybe/maybe-not plan to do. Fast forward ten more days and I’ll be in complete denial about the existence of said challenge and kindly ask you to leave if you keep bugging me about it.

I realized with this latest attempt at a daily challenge that there are two big reasons why (time and time again) I fail at doing things on the daily:

  1. I don’t prioritize them.
  2. I set myself up to fail by making the challenge as boring as humanly possible.

These two reasons.

They will mess your daily challenge attempt right up (unless you have incredible self discipline and just do it anyway – in which case I would like to meet you in person and have some of that rub off on me, please and thank you).

That last one – making it boring – was my downfall during the Messy Lists project (which by the way was a kick-ass cool project in the Get Messy Art Journal community).

I made it boring. I pre-made my entire album – did all the artsy stuff in advance – and while that was nice and pretty it left very little creative expressional freedom for the rest of the project’s duration. All I had to do each day was write my lists. I love a good list, but it’s not enough of a draw to keep me coming back every day.

In short, I should not have given myself a strict template for this project. In an attempt to avoid overwhelm I instead created underwhelm. I stripped it of fun.

I know I’m making this sound way worse than it is. It’s not life and death, not even a little bit. But it’s a lesson learned and one worth sharing.

Next time I will not be putting my project in a pretty but tiny box leaving no room for fun.

Messy Lists 2016 |

When I grow up

  • I want to be happy.

Messy Lists 2016 |

Call me

  • Nina
  • Knasen (my dad used to call me that as a baby)
  • mom
  • paper nerd

Messy Lists 2016 |

Things that are magic

  • kids/people
  • making
  • summer
  • paint
  • music

Messy Lists 2016 |

I am proud of

  • my little loves
  • my beautiful gentleman
  • my sublime babes (that’s you.)

Messy Lists 2016 |

Why I love being an artist

  • I can make anything I want

Messy Lists 2016 |

I am made up of

  • stories
  • colors
  • salt
  • paper
  • speckles

Messy Lists 2016 |

Currently watching

  • Girls
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • Gam of Thrones

One last thing. We’re in between Get Messy seasons so right now is the PERFECT time to join in. That way you can start the next season alongside an army of artsy babes.

Have a beautiful day!

xo Nina

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