This week I’m taking over the Get Messy Instagram and I’m challenging you to get crafty and make + share something using these My Type cut outs. You can find the free printable below.


Download My Type Classic & Blackout printable (PDF)

The printable is made to fit onto both a A5 and Letterhalf page. It comes with two pages total: One Classic edition and a Blackout edition. Use whichever kind you like or mix it up if that’s your jam.


If you wanna print both versions on one page, here’s an attempt at explaining how to do that. :)

Note: Printing settings will appear slightly different on different computers and different versions of your PDF software. I can’t take all possible setups into account so here’s a general idea of what settings you should be looking for.


  1. Make sure your document is set to print on either A4 or Letter (depending on what paper size you intend to print these on.
  2. Select the ‘Multiple’ option in your print settings.
  3. Make sure it’s set to print 2 pages per sheet.
  4. Set the page order to ‘Horizontal’.
  5. Set the orientation to ‘Portrait’.
  6. Always double check that your print preview looks about right.
  7. Go ahead and print!

I hope you like these words and that you wanna join in the challenge this week. There’s a lot of ways to use these words – either by themselves or mixed into your journaling.

Have fun!

xo Nina