I’m excited to bring you the brand new Academic Pastel Day Planner for 2017/18. Hooray!

After a bunch of requests I finally decided it was time to go Academic. I dunno about you but I could sure use a reset right now. This year has been strange so far in all kinds of ways and I can’t keep up with all the plans I’m making in my mind. So let’s start fresh and turn some of these dreams into plans. #fistbump

About the Pastel Day Planner – Academic Planner for 2017/18

  • Comes in Personal and A5 size.
  • Dated from July 2017 to June 2018 – a full school year.
  • Includes weekly spreads and monthly spreads.
  • Comes with Monday start and Sunday start versions.
  • Includes week numbers on both weeks and month pages.
  • Easy to print – both on Letter or A4 paper on your home printer.

Above: The Week overview in the Pastel Day Planner.

One of my favorit things about the Pastel Day Planner is the versatility of the Week overview. I have designed it to give me a sense of freedom, yet I don’t have to sit there and make lines and boxes and deal with inventing a new layout every week. I just fill out my three MITs (Most Important Tasks) every day – and most days I have fewer than three – and put the non-date-specific tasts on the right side. If I have stuff I wanna do every day for the entire week (like my 100 Day Project, yoga, drink my entire waterbottle, etc) I love to track that in the daily tracker on the bottom right. I can track three things every week and nothing feels better than getting a full row of those.


Above: The Month overview in the Pastel Day Planner.

Above: The four new pastel shades – Blueberry, Blush, Lavender and Mint.

Last but certainly not least I want to reveal a little change to the design that I’m very excited about. All new colors! Yes, the Pastel Day Planner has been revamped with for new shades that are totally suited to all the fashionable planner binders out there. They’re a little more dusty and muted than before, a little more refined. #wefancy

I hope you love the new Pastel Day Planner for July 2017 to June 2018. I’m incredible happy to be able to offer academic planners and I wish you an awesome school year and a beautiful fresh shart.

xo Nina

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