Don’t worry about blame.


Do better. Every day do a little bit better.


I took small steps in different directions and found myself running.


I’m the lucky one.


Then I look at you and it all makes sense.


Don’t put your trust in walls ’cause walls will only crush you when they fall.


You don’t owe any explanations.

This past week I’ve participated in Lauren Hooper’s Instagram challenge Creative Captures (#creativecaptures). It’s been lots of fun making these rainbow art journal pages inspired by Caylee Grey’s idea and approach.

Lauren will be doing these week long challenges once every month which I love. Month long continuous challenges can really wear you out, in my experience. This is the perfect frequency and the perfect amount of freedom and work. Just snap a photo of something that inspires you or something creative that corresponds to the daily prompt. Easy.

For these pages I loved using the black TomBow Dual Brush pen – for the first time ever and I’m in love! I’ve tried my share of mediocre brush pens but the TomBow ones are nice and juicy so I can write quickly without skipping or streaking. And they don’t seem to bleed through very easily either. I highly recommend!

xo Nina

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