Hey gang!

Some weeks ago I happened to browse the Filofax UK website and saw something very, very tempting: The brand new Clipbook!

Today I’m very excited to bring you a first impression and review of said Filofax Clipbook. The Clipbook is not your average Filofax. It’s more like a notebook, but you can customize it and use it as a planner too by switching pages, index tabs, pocket pages and more around as you please. ‘Cause that’s the beauty of the Filofax binder system!

The details

  • The Clipbook is only available in A5 format. This ensures lots of space for writing, drawing, etc.
  • The Clipbook is available in two different materials: Leather-look (PU) in black, petrol and white for £18; and Transparent (gummy) in fluoro pink and purple for £15.
  • Contains
    • front sheet
    • 15 ruled sheets
    • 15 quadrille sheets
    • 15 plain sheets
    • 1 foldout double-sided undated year planner
    • 6 foldout double-sided undated month planners
    • 13 undated week on two page diary sheets
    • 5 tasks/to do sheets
  • 25 mm rings

Since the Clipbooks are so (relatively) affordable and looked pretty dang sweet I immediately ordered the white leather-look one for me and a black leather-look for my boyfriend.

My first impression & thoughts

I recorded the unboxing of the Clipbook for you all to see. I like first impressions as well as in-depth reviews. Enjoy!

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As you can (kinda) see in the photo below, the binder isn’t much larger than the A5 sheets it contains. So any index tabs and A5 pocked pages you put in it will stick out at the side.


Oof. Too many pages in there! After a few days I ended up taking all the Clipbook diary pages out and putting in my Kikki K. weekly pages. Now it’s nice and flat.


As you can maybe tell in the photo above, the white leather-look Clipbook isn’t stark white. It’s more offwhite, leaning towards cream-colored but only ever so slightly. The black Clipbook is a true black though.

I also forgot to mention in my video that the pages that come with the Clipbook are super white.

The cream index tabs are just lovely! I don’t mind them being cream colored and I don’t mind them sticking out at all.


What I’m using in my Clipbook right now

So I hope you enjoyed my review. I’m thoroughly enjoying my Clipbook and I recommend it for any notebook junkie! I haven’t touched my Baron Figs or Moleskine since I got it and that’s kind of a big deal. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

xo Nina

Note: This blog post is not sponsored. I purchased the Clipbook myself and have tried it over a period of time. I’m not being paid to review them either. This is all my own idea and my own opinion. :) 

What do you think about the Clipbook?