For this season, the season of Serenity, of the Get Messy Art Journal challenge I decided to do all my pages in a itty bitty DIY Field Notes sized watercolor journal in my brand new Nerdori. The Pocket Nerdoris will be hitting the shop soon. Until then, I still have the classic Nerdori in Jet Black available.

Both the journaling prompts and the art prompts for this season so far have been amazing. I like working from prompts because I work well with restrictions and guidelines. I believe most people do, actually. There are a handfull of repeating elements and a very limited color scheme in this little journal.

Also, the journaling itself is super minimal. I don’t often think about serenity so it felt like a stretch for me and I had to write very abstractly. Kinda loved how it turned out and I loved making something so positive.

I have a lot of photos to share so let’s get to it!












The flowers were drawn and painted by me. They’re based on these lovely floral Photoshop brushes from Creative Market that I decided I didn’t want to purchase since I’ve already been shopping a lot in there recently.

I just used my Sakura Pigma Micron in 03 Black to sketch loosely on some watercolor paper since it’s waterproof. Then I used a Kuretake Zig Brush2O and my little watercolor set to color them. Just a single color, nothing fancy.

I love the look of them so unperfect and soft. The watercolor paper adds a bit of texture that is just barely visible and beautiful.


I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my Serenity journal.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day.

xo Nina