Hey gang. Today I have a little freebie wallpaper for you to celebrate my little blog revamp. It’s just a little styling of the fonts and sidebar mainly – but any excuse to celebrate, right?

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Note: The Use What You Got wallpaper is black and white and does not have a pink background like above. That is just for demonstrational purposes.

Using what you got is something that’s been on my mind a lot lately and it has two meanings for me.

First off, now that I’m my own boss I’ve been thinking a lot about how what I do can be valuable to others. In other words: How to make some money. And with that question comes a lot of self-doubt and insecurity. I feel like I’m not skilled enough, that I don’t work hard enough. So I keep telling myself to use what I got. All of it. It’s gotta be enough and it is.

Second, I have a tendency to want a lot of things. Recently it’s been makeup. Come on Nina, how many lipsticks do you really need? I need to stop spending ’cause it’s getting kinda ridiculous.

So I hope you can draw some motivation and inspiration from my little scribble and start/continue using what you got. :)

On a totally different note I’ve been published in a wonderful new online magazine called Chasing Dreams.

angielska copy

Click the photo above to read about how I document everyday life using Currently lists. The magazine is totally free. <3

I really love what Magda Mizera and Katarzyna Przybyt have created with this beautiful magazine. They have impeccable taste and are so skilled at photography, design and writing, among other things. Thanks for the opportunity, ladies.

And thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Nina