DIY Scrap Paper Bookmarks | Tutorial


Today we’ll be making beautiful bookmarks from our precious, pretty paper scraps. (That’s a lotta p’s.)

Let’s get making!


What you’ll need

  • Scrap paper
  • Adhesive/glue
  • Paper trimmer/scissors
  • A few flat embellishments (like sequins and die-cuts)
  • Paper punches
  • Sewing machine + white thread


How to make a scrap paper bookmark

First you need to shop your scrap stash for some great little bits. I’m making two bookmarks – one with orangey papers and one with blues and greens.

Pick out a few flat embellishments as well. (You wanna make sure it’s all pretty flat so the finished bookmark won’t dent the book pages when it’s wedged in there.)

Now trim everything into rectangles. Be sure to have a few larger rectangles about the size of the finished bookmark (which is whatever size you want it to be) so it’s sturdy when assembled.


You can also use a few paper punches to spruce up your bookmark design. I used a butterfly punch and a circle punch to create focal points on both bookmarks.

Adhere the rectangles together. I prefer using a liquid glue like Glossy Accents because it dries pretty fast and is super strong. We don’t want bits flying off our bookmark, now do we?


Time to add stitching to your bookmark. Get your sewing machine out and go to town! I love the random, unraveled look of stitching all over and loose ends.

A great little tip is to sew a little section, then lift the foot and move the project, and continue to sew in another spot without cutting the thread. It really adds to the messiness and looks so pretty!


You can totally stop right here and have a gorgeous, finished bookmark – or you can add a little extra detailing.

I’m a sucker for ink splatters so…


… I had to get my gold, deep orange and metallic coffee inks out. A quick flick of ink and it’s done. :)

So if you’re gifting a book, be sure to include one of these – or give a homemade bookmark by itself. They’re that nice, am I right?

Also, these are totally doable for small kids as well if you help them with (or skip) the sewing. Perfect gift for grandparents.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

xo Nina

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Gone fishing


You can substitute ‘fishing’ with all things holiday and family related. ;)

If you wanna keep up with what I’m doing be sure to follow me on Instagram.

I’ll be releasing a few 2016 products before the end of the year but I’ll be laying low on the blogging front. Prioritizing, peeps. Gotta do it.

Hope you and yours are doing great! See you real soon.

Much love, happy holiday wishes and hugs

PS. Yes, baby Anders is slowly and surely eating the Christmas tree.

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Yaaas! Week Number Cards for 2016 are here

Week Number Cards for 2016. Perfect for Project Life!

You guys. I’m so proud to show you the all new Week Number Cards for 2016.

It’s a completely new design but they’re still totally minimalistic and fit in practically any style of Project Life album, just like in previous years.

Before I show you more, I want to add that they’re available at an introductory price of just $3 this month (November 2015) – after that they’ll be $4. So now’s the time to get ’em. :)

Week Number Cards for 2016. Perfect for Project Life!

If you’re not familiar with my Week Number Cards I can tell you that they’re 3×4 cards (my fave size) that go so well with any year-long project like currently lists, Project Life or even traditional scrapbook layouts.

In the set you get a card for every 53 weeks of 2016 plus two bonus cards: One that says ‘2016‘ and the other says ‘It’s been real‘.

Week Number Cards for 2016. Perfect for Project Life!

They’re ready-to-print on A4 and Letter size paper or cardstock – whichever you prefer.

I also included JPG versions of each individual card so you can print just the ones you need. All versions come with a nice grey border around for easy cutting.

It’s super simple to print and use! Project Life is a marathon no matter how you do it so it’s a priority for me to keep it as simple and easy as possible.

Week Number Cards for 2016. Perfect for Project Life!

I really hope you like what you’re seeing – and that you’ll visit the shop to get your Week Number Cards for 2016.

Have a wonderful day.

xo Nina

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Currently | November 2015


I’ve been enjoying quite a few things in the past month that I think all you makers would like too. So here they are – along with some currents.

The Happy Dot Day Planner, Week Number Cards, ink + watercolor and crocheting. |

Listening | to #girlboss radio. I don’t need to tell you that it’s awesome.

Learning | to crochet thanks to this fine lady YouTuber. Nobody saw this coming – needle crafts usually drive me bonkers. I’ve officially completed a granny square without stabbing anyone which frankly calls for champagne and confetti.

Jamming | to Hotline Bling on repeat. And I love his moves.

Failing | miserably at cutting out sugars. If you have any ideas for non-sugary breakfasts that won’t make me fling myself out the window, please do tell.

Watching | baby Anders clap and wave. This just happened over the past few days. I’m so proud of him!

Preparing | for the 25 Days class over at Studio Calico – where yours truly will be contributing with techniques and inspiration. I cannot wait! Are you doing a daily project in December this year?

I have two honorable mentions this month.

First, these lovely Week Number Cards for 2016. I love using Week Number Cards in Project Life. It’s just easy ’cause I don’t have to fuzz or rummage through my Thickers to find the right numbers.

Those pastels and that serif font are giving me life.

Week Number Cards 2016 |

And this beautiful purple ink by Winsor & Newton. So much pigment. So easy to use. And it’s water-resistant which makes it perfect for coloring in with watercolors!

Been painting floral vignettes for no reason at all. Absolute joy.

Ink outline and watercolor |

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great one!

xo Nina

PS. The planner pictured up top is the Happy Dot Day Planner. It’s free, right here.

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Ada is five | Scrapbook Layout


A little over a month ago my girl Ada turned five years old. Here are some fun and interesting facts about her right now:

  • She’s very into rules. She’ll gladly tell off her peers if they’re up to something that isn’t allowed.
  • She loves purple. And of course pink.
  • She’s growing her bangs out and is pretty much going for the Rapunzel look.
  • She has a little boyfriend, Cody. It’s her second boyfriend so far. (Yikes!)
  • She adores her little brother, just like he adores her. They have a great connection already.
  • Every Friday she’s allowed to fall asleep in our big bed next to me. We always have the best talks on those nights.
  • She’d have ketchup on anything if she could. Still doesn’t drink any fizzy drinks though.


Love her to bits.


Here she is at the birthday party in her Elsa dress, making Play-Doh ponies with her cousins.

We had a great fifth birthday party. Per usual, because our apartment is tiny, we had it at my parents house. It was a gorgeous day, my brothers and sister were there and we had our traditional bonfire at the end of the day. Just perfect.


I created this scrapbook layout with a picture from her big day, sitting in front of her birthday cake. Just a simple grid using beautiful papers, nothing fancy.

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a lovely day!

xo Nina

Products Mentioned & Used

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Happy Dot Day Planner | Free Printable


Yo! The end of the year means a lot of new and exciting planners are coming out. It also means that the planner I chose at the beginning of this year may not exactly be fulfilling my planner needs anymore.

Life changes and so does my planner needs.

Enter the Happy Dot Day Planner. I created this simple day to day planner because I’m all about a fresh start every day at the moment.

As baby Anders is getting more mobile and needing me in a different way I’m having trouble getting things done. Just keeping it real. This means I need to change my plans a lot. I need to push things to new dates all the frigging time and what’s better for that than a fresh new page every day?

I love that I literally get to turn a leaf every day and not have to look at all the stuff I didn’t manage to get done yesterday.

I also love the dot grid. It adds structure in a light way.

The Happy Dot Day Planner features just a few to dos every day – so you’re not overbooking yourself. However, there’s plenty of room for more writing on the page. You can journal, plan meals, take notes, doodle and more.

I love using my Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens in this planner since they’re nice and skinny, super juicy and come in gorgeous colors. They also don’t bleed through my 100 gram printer paper. Score.

Let’s take a look at the daily view in the Happy Dot planner.


And the monthly view.


Get your free Happy Dot Day Planner

Tip: Here’s how to print on both sides.

Note: How embarassing! I had included October + November in the A4 printables. That’s all wrong. Now I’ve put November + December in there instead. Sorry for any trouble! xo Nina

I also wanna get into how to assemble your spiral bound planner. Here’s how I made mine.


How to assemble your spiral bound planner

You’ll need:


  1. Print your inside pages. Remember to print on both sides!
  2. There are two pages on each sheet of paper, so cut the paper in half after printing.
  3. Make a front cover from a cute print or some lovely scrapbook paper. I used a smaller version of my Triangles print.
  4. Make a back cover from cardboard – or from cute paper if you don’t mind the planner being more bendy.
  5. Make divider pages from colored cardstock.
  6. Punch holes in all your pages: Front cover, back cover, inside pages and dividers. I simply punched six holes at the top and six holes at the bottom left hand side.
  7. Put your pages in order:
    • Front cover
    • Divider page
    • November monthly pages
    • November daily pages
    • Divider page
    • December monthly pages
    • December daily pages
    • Back cover
  8. Move the back cover all the way around to the front. This way the links in the O-wire will be hidden in the back of your planner and you’ll have a nice, clean spiral on the outside. Trust me, you’ll see in a moment.
  9. Add your O-wire to your page stack and cinch it closed with your binder tool.
  10. Fold the back cover back in place and enjoy your new beautifully bound planner.
  11. Punch tabs and glue them to the divider pages to mark the beginning of every month.
  12. Now enjoy your Happy Dot planner even more!

Remember, you could also just print these, punch holes and put them in your A5 sized Filofax (or similar) ring-bound planner.

Enjoy! And let me know what you think about the Happy Dot Day Planner.

And yes, I will be adding a full 2016 Happy Dot Day Planner to the shop soon. :)

xo Nina

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A Foxy Birthday Card for a Guy


I’m a strong believer that cards for guys specifically can be pretty much anything. My mantra is that a handmade card should reflect the style and aesthetic of the giver, not the recipient. It’s more personal that way since you’re making something you are comfortable with – rather than trying to pull off some theme or color scheme that’s way out of your comfort zone and second-guessing yourself.

Not everything has to be a challenge.

This birthday card is for my amazing father-in-law. I went with a yellow color palette because it’s fun and cheerful and very suitable for a birthday. And I found my main embellishments – including the cute-but-not-too-cute fox – in the beautiful Grand Bazaar die cuts pack by Basic Grey. And yes, I totally cut into one of the few Sassafras papers I have left.



It ended up kind of quirky and different from what I usually make (I tend to make cards more girly ie. sparkly and doilied – even for guys) but I quite like it and it’s still very me. Probably because I made it from a few much loved things from my stash.

Products Mentioned & Used

I also wanna show you the card my daughter made for Gorm. She’s not about that hoarding life, lemme tell you. It’s so fun how kids are never afraid to use up the good stuff. She went straight for the Grand Bazaar die-cuts and went all out. :)


If you’d like to see card making how-tos and get more tips for putting together non-embarassing handmade cards for all the special people in your life you should sign up to my newsletter. I’m working on an online card making class and I’ll notify you via the newsletter once it’s available. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Have an awesome day.

xo Nina

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Currently | October 2015


Sleeping | very little. Baby Anders has gotten a habit of waking up every 1-2 hours every night, all night long to nurse. I’m so behind on everything due to exhaustion it’s not even funny. If I owe you an email, it’s coming!

Eating | much less sugar than usual. I intend to quit almost entirely but at this point I’m settling for ‘everything in moderation’. We’ve stopping eating anything with more than 5% suger in it, that’s the only rule. Now I just need to go easy on the salty foods too.

Loving | my guy for putting up with a sleep and sugar deprived Nina.

Reading | Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s so good I can’t even.

Also reading | Finding Lily by Rachel Del, or Rachel Del Grosso (big city quiet) as some of you paper crafters may know her. A different read than I usually go for but very enjoyable, romantic and a tiny bit heart break-y at times.

Making | actual scrapbooking layouts. Yessir, it’s really happening. My favorite recent layout is part of the Mixed Media online class over at Studio Calico where I’m giving you the scoop on a fun technique and an assignment. Good times!

Listening | to podcasts. When I do get a chance to sit and work a bit I much prefer listening to podcasts over music. I’m super into Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast (I love a good politically incorrect rant!) and looking very much forward to the #GIRLBOSS podcast launching soon.

Watching | Marie Forleo interviewing Elizabeth Gilbert on her new book, the previously mentioned Big Magic over on YouTube. If you’re more into videos than reading, or simply curious about what the big deal is about Big Magic, this interview is for you.

Planning | an online card-making class (yay!) and my printable paper crafty club (double yay!). I’ve mentioned the latter in my newsletter earlier this year but haven’t been able to start working on it until recently.

Feeling | overwhelmed, loved and happy.

xo Nina

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How To Get Your Kid Excited About Drawing


I’m a big believer in teaching kids to use their creativity from an early age. Teaching them to be unafraid of expressing themselves and working that imagination muscle to boot.

Drawing is one of the most fabulous and easily accessible ways to create – at any age. Here are three tips on getting the special little boy or girl in your life excited about drawing.


Let them use the good stuff

And by that I don’t mean expensive stuff. There are plenty of affordable markers, pens, paper, paint and brushes that work extremely well. I say, don’t let inferior tools get in the way of good work. My Ada will typically get much less frustrated with her drawings if she’s using good and juicy markers, so she can focus on her imagery rather than worry about skipping, streaking, weak/weird color, etc.

Also, chances are you’ll much rather want to keep and treasure a beautifully vibrant colored drawing on a nice piece of paper. So get rid of those dried up markers, buy paper that’s a notch up from thin printer paper and let your kid use some decent stuff.

I recommend going for brands like Crayola, Stabilo, Faber-Castell, Staedtler, etc. Pretty much anything that’s a brand will usually work. IKEA also have some nice drawing and painting supplies. Or let your kid use your stuff. It’s scary, I know, (eeek, my Tombows!) but let’s face it: We need to stop hoarding and start using. Kids are great at that.


Draw together

Take time to create together with your kid. For them, drawing is play. It’s story telling.

Drawing things and people is also a great opportunity to teach them about new things and go deeper on some topics while their hands are busy – so you have their full attention.

It’s a calm and loving activity. And you get to express yourself too with someone who doesn’t judge. Perfect!


Proudly display their works of art

Yes, kids make a ton of things and there’s no way you can display all of it – but make it a point to display your favorite and most recent pieces of art around the house. It’s an absolute joy to look at and your kid will enjoy seeing his or her creations being honored and treasured.


I hope you feel inspired to encourage a kid in your life to get drawing. Even if that kid is yourself. :) Seriously, these tips work just as well for grown-ups.

I’ll be sharing more tips and ideas for crafting with kids in the near future. I make a lot with Ada (even with little Anders) and I always regret not taking pictures of the process and sharing it here. If you have any requests for ideas on crafting with kids, let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ll see you next week!

xo Nina

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My Favorite Permanent Pens


Permanent pens are must-have in your line-up of tools. It’s like the eyeliner of paper crafting. When you need it, you need it to work. To stay put and look flawless.

First, I wanna quickly talk about the reason I need a good permanent pen these days.


As we’re kicking off the Season of Words in my fave art journaling community I’ve prepared a little book for all the prompts of this season.

The book is made from kraft printer paper and every other page is vellum. (The cover is the gorgeous floral world map paper from the Brimfield kit by Studio Calico, for those who are curious. It’s stapled together with a long-reach stapler.)


This vellum is beautiful and thick but it also has a slick surface that requires a good permanent pen if I wanna journal on it. Enter my favorite, most used black permanent pens.

The Sharpie Retractable Permanent Marker, Fine Point

There’s nothing ‘fine’ about the point of this marker and to be honest I mostly use it to write my daughter’s name on her toys before she brings them to kindergarten. And I thought I’d mention it just for that reason ’cause I do use it a lot for that. It’s lasted me more than a year (maybe two) and is still nice and juicy. It has a big, rounded felt tip and comes off as a dark grey.

Find it on Amazon.

The Kuretake ZIG Photo Signature Pen, size 5

This used to be my absolute fave and I’ve had it forever. I’m talking 4 years and counting. It has a smooth flow of ink from it’s tiny felt tip. The only issue I have with this is the color payoff, like like the previous one. It comes off more muted, like a dark grey rather than a black.

Find it on Amazon.

The Pilot PermaBall (aka MultiBall) Pen, size M

My current fave and the one I’ll be using in my journal. It’s black as night and super inky. It’s has a ball point which causes the flow and the lines to be slightly uneven (not my fave look) but it’s just so beautifully black. The other pens look faded in comparison.

For some reason this pen is named PermaBall here in Denmark but a little Internet research shows that it’s known as the PowerBall pretty much everywhere else. The PermaBall and PowerBall pens are identical in shape, grip, ink etc. – only the names and casing colors differ.

Find it on Amazon and

I wanna mention that I’ve had a bunch of American Crafts Slick Writers but they all died on me pretty quickly. Not impressed.


Do you have a favorite go-to permanent pen? I’d love to hear your recommendations. Finding the perfect permanent pen is like finding a unicorn, and it’s something I’m determined to do.

I hope you’re having a lovely day!

xo Nina

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