100 Days of Abstract Watercolor

It is time for one of the most interesting annual online creative challenges: The 100 Day Project – or #the100dayproject. I must admit that when I saw the hints around Instagram that it was about to be that time again I felt a bunch of things all at once. My first gut...

Anders is Two

On February 17th my little guy Anders turned two years old. Here's a bit about him as of right now. He loves going outside. When we tell him that we're about to go out he'll jump up and run out the front door – no shoes or coat or anything. He drinks cold leftover...

DIY Knitting Project Bag

It's time for a little meta-crafting. Crafting for your crafting, so to speak. This week I'm showing you how to make this neat drawstring bag to store your knitting (or crocheting) project in. You could even make a small one and use it for your traveler's notebook...


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